HV Ritual anti-ageing package

32.900 Ft

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HV Ritual anti-ageing package contains 4 perfect skincare products:

Why is the Harangvölgyi product line so unique?

  • Professional salon quality products, Hungarian-developed.
  • Products are independent of skin type, with proper use they provide a universal solution for all types of skin problems.
  • Maximum hyaluronic acid and collagen content.
  • Special micro particle structure.
  • Does not contain parabens and paraffin.
  • Biological anti-ageing effect.
  • Made from high-quality raw materials.

HV HydroCare Serum – Anti-ageing Serum

Anti-ageing serum of natural ingredients that adds immediate hydration and elasticity to the skin, thanks to its extremely high content of Hyaluronic acid and collagen.

HV HydroCare 24h 50ml – Moisture Cream

It provides continuous, 24 hour hydration of the skin. Its high Hyaluronic acid content optimizes the skin’s water content, and the active ingredients protect the skin from harmful environmental effects. Immediate and lasting hydration, tight and matte facial skin.

HV HydroCare Cleanser 150ml – Foam base facial cleanser

A special foam base facial cleanser, that hydrates the skin thanks to its Hyaluronic acid and collagen content, while its natural components gently remove dirt and impurities.

HV SunCare Day Cream 50ml – Protection Cream for Summer&Winter

Thanks to physical sunscreen filters, HV SunCare Day Cream protects the skin from both harmful UVA and UVB rays and the cream’s composition helps to retain your skin’s moisture. As a result of its light texture, the cream won’t stick and is fully absorbed by your skin.