HV SPA Solutions Green Algae Mask • 100ml

5.500 Ft


Coconut oil, skin emollients of plant origin, kaolin, spirulina algae, chlorofyll, mint oil, camphor, allantoin, camomile extract”
The natural ingredients of HV Green Algae Mask provide a soothing, regeneration and hydration effect on the skin. The bio substances provide a clean nutrition source for the skin. Our chamomile mask contains high level of white clay which cleans, removes the impurities, and enhances the condition of the skin by introducing minerals between the layers. The result is a silky, sophisticated look.
Allantoin is a substance with humidifying, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and ceratolytic effects. It increases the water content of the extra cellular matrix.
The antibacterial effect due to the chlorophyll and camphor provides a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the inflamed tissues.
The omega fatty acids and the essential amino acids in colloidal system in the spirulina algae may be introcued to the skin in large amounts. It reduces the generation of wrinkles, the regeneration of cells and the cell division.
The chamomile extract provides antiseptic and analgesic effect, reducing the swellings, soothing the irritations and negative skin reactions. During the last phase of the treatments, it restores the natural balance of the skin.
For what type of use is it recommended for?
Our recommendation is to use it as a soothing mask in cleaning treatments but it also provides a fantastic cooling and anti-inflammatory effect when applied in a thin layer on the irritated skin after depilation.
We also recommend it for home use, since the epithelizing and soothing effect is perfect for the harmonization of the irritated skin with acne.
Exposure time: 15-20 minutes