HV MAGIQSKIN Home & Travel Kit • Fragrance-free Serum

175.000 Ft

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Revolutionary Invention

Quantum Technology

  • Healing Waves from the heart of the crystals
  • Revolutionary New Beauty System
  • 100% Natural and ECO friendly
  • Plastic Surgery results by combining Natural Remedies and Quantum Technology


Many ancient cultures have also used the healing effects of the crystals. The body’s electromagnetic field interacts with the crystal’s own resonance, bioenergetic and magnetic field, while in the meantime sorts out the disordered vibration patterns. We have found a unique channel to connect the core of the quantized crystals and the human body and mind.

The crystals and the liquid crystal found in a healthy living organism, exhibit regular structural patterns. However, in the latter due to various factors, alterations may occur, and as a result the body’s own repair mechanism needs help to restore the structure whether because there is not enough energy, or because something inhibits it.

The structure of the crystals however is extremely stable, so to speak permanent. Using this we achieve great results through Quantum Technology, as the HV MAGIQ SKIN plays a role in improving the energy conditions of the body and the skin. Understanding of how it works and exploration of the mechanism of action of what we know, require basic knowledge in the fields of physics, biophysics and physiology.

The frequency of the constantly transmitted vibration in the closed system of the HV MAGIQ SKIN has physiologically positive symptoms on the skin. The device with the sample reference signal helps to adjust the disordered energy conditions of the skin thus making it recall the forgotten structure. Physically this is manifested with amelioration of skin problems and strengthening of the aesthetically favorable trends.

According to years of experience and research the significant changes can be achieved in the skin with biostimulation, which induces and activates the building and regenerating mechanisms in the skin.

The healing waves of the system create an electromagnetic field in the living body. With the help of the HV HydroCare Serum the electron migration becomes more intensive, which affects numerous physiological processes to a positive direction, which is the essence of our rejuvenating procedure.

Both the crystals and the living body are capable of storing these waves, while detectable alterations are formed in their internal structure. The HV MAGIQ SKIN can beused on face and body with cell regenerating effects; it is a combined system with the HV HydroCare Serum, which improves the physiological symptoms as well.

MAGIQSKIN Pro + Activ talp MAGIQSKIN Activ talp MAGIQSKIN Pro L. Zs. arany-fehér MAGIQSKIN tok

Instant effects:

  • Proven anti-ageing effect
  • Improvement of bruises, circulation
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Accelerates epidermal repair
  • Energizing and relaxing effect at the same time
  • Normalizes sebum production
  • Progressive improvement of scar conditions
  • Firming effect on the body
  • Enhanced metabolism of the body

Benefits of HV MAGIQSKIN:

  • 100% natural
  • Immediate and long lasting effect
  • Easy to use
  • For all skin types
  • Long lifecycle
  • Naturally balances body and mind
  • Energy efficient
  • Practical
  • Fits in make-up bags
  • Unique design
  • For home and professionals